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      I had recently purchased a subscription for Acrobat Standard. My boss so nicely got annoyed that when he tried to install it on his computer, it kicked back at him that it would not install as it has been installed on 2 other computers already. So I am now tasked with getting to spend money. I personally want to lean towards the subscription version of Standard versus Pro, as we only do minor PDF creations, nothing major that would justify us needing Pro.


      A little back info. We are a small office - 3 of us really, with 2 of us doing PDF creating/editing.


      So my questions are:

      How many users can use the subscription version of Acrobat Standard?

      How many users can use the paid version of Acrobat Standard?

      Does Pro, allow for more users?


      Any feedback or assistance would be wonderful.


      (If this is in the wrong community, I apologize, not really sure what this would have fallen under, given the options available)

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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          A single user subscription and a single user license both work as follows... you can have working installations on two machines, only one of which can be using the software at any given time.  As far as how many users go for the one subscription/license... as many as you have, but one at a time.


          You can install on any number of machines but only two can be activated.  So if your boss wants to use the subscription then you would have to sign out of one of the active installations so that your boss could sign in.

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            ACSGreg Level 1

            Exactly the information I needed. Thank you!


            Made him happy, so that makes me happy