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    What is PremiereElementsLive Process Accomplishing?

    Ralph McMurphy

      When I start PE 13, two separate instances of PremiereElementsLive start up and both are consuming quite a bit of memory. It is not immediately obvious to me what purposes these processes are serving and if they are something I can live without and prevent from starting up altogether when I start PE.


      Does anyone know the purpose of these processes and if they are critical to the core functionality of PE 13?

      Thank you.

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          A.T. Romano Level 7

          Ralph McMurphy


          I have seen other posts which are looking for a way to remove the eLive from the program for a variety of reasons.

          As far as I can tell it is not necessary for operating the programs. I believe the intent is to give the users ideas and inspirations.


          None of the users that I know of has found a way to remove it.


          Last I heard there were places outside the United States where the feature was not available and was a blank space where it

          was thought to be by the United States users.


          That suggests to me that it can be turned off at some level. Probably the Adobe level.


          If I come across a report on how to remove it, I will post the details.