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    Why does Pan and Zoom mess up my timeline


      Please forgive my ignorance as I am relatively new to this.


      I just about have a finished video which include video clips and still images. I just went to add a Pan and Zoom effect to a still image and when I hit done it messed up my timeline - See below


      First picture is the finished movie

      Second picture you can see I added a Pan and zoom to the still image the marker is on

      I can see the Pan and Zoom effecting the track it's on but why does it effect multiple tracks and can you please tell me what I am doing wrong?





      Thanks in advance



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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          Looks like Premiere Elements 12. On what computer operating system. Just in case we need to get into version specific details.


          But this looks like an Premiere Elements issue in general.


          Use of the Premiere Elements Pan and Zoom Tool results in the increased duration for the still to which the pan and zoom effect has

          been applied.. The extent of the increased duration depends on how many frames you added to the effect. That was a just in case mention, you may have

          known all that already.


          I point that out since the increased duration of your still probably triggered the chain reaction in all parts of the Timeine.


          There are various maneuvers to control disturbances of the existing Timeline when a new component is added. In this case, at this time, I am not sure what triggered your particular chain of events. But, please look at the following as a possible control of the situation that you described.


          Select all at one time the content that you want to stay together, click anywhere in the selection and select Group. You can ungroup

          this group later if you want. The individual components of the Group will move as one until you ungroup. To make the selection of

          all the clips going into the Group, draw a rectangle with the mouse cursor to select those clips.


          Another thought might be to do the still pan and zoom in an isolated unused portion of the Timeline and then move it into place in the

          existing Timeline, holding down the Ctrl or Alt key as you make the placement.


          Please consider and then let us know if any of that worked for you.


          Thank you.