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    Audio playback hiccup/delay on certain computers

    cratica Level 1
      Part of our game is a piano activity. You can select a key on the piano with the mouse and the note is played. All works great on 5 test computers. There are 2 computers where things get "messy". Sometimes the note will play back fine, but if you go fast, it will skip a note or play part of the sound file. If you run up and down the piano keyboard with the mouse, it just sounds awful because it is skipping notes or partially playing some of them. On the other computers, things are as smooth as butter and it sounds great.

      Using basic lingo commands...

      The sound files are swa and are all the same compression/rate. I have tried wav files too just in case the audio decompressor on the troubled computers had a flaw with certain types. No change. The sound file sizes are tiny, 6 or 7 k each. I tried having each keypress play a sound on the same channel or different channels. No difference. I downloaded the latest drivers for the audio devices as well.

      The two offending computers do have two things in common. AMD cpu's and Realtek audio. I'm beginning to dislike Realtek audio for this and another reason.

      Computer specs are:

      AMD 3800 + CPU , 1 GB RAM, Realtek AC97 on board audio, WIn XP

      AMD 4800+ X2 CPU, 1 GB RAM, Realtek HD audio on board, Win XP

      Summary: Random audio delays/incomplete playing only on certain computers.

      Any thoughts?