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    Copy layers from one composition to another


      I am trying to reuse an OTS that I have applied a mask layer to in after effects. I have several clips that I want to use this mask on which are currently edited in Premiere Pro CC. If I right clip the clip, I can clip "Replace with After Effects Composition". However, it creates a new composition with that clip. I have a different project that I have made all of my edits in with the mask applies, and I want take everything in that other project composition and put it inside of the composition from Premiere. If I just copy the layers from the composition and paste it into the linked comp, it says placeholder and doesn't actually work.


      Another way I thought of doing it is to just keep importing the same composition from AE into PP, then click on that comp, clip edit original, then drag the clip I want, edit it down to fit the comp, and then save it to export it back out to PP. There has to be a better way to do this...


      Any ideas?