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    Help with a update query from a subquery


      Hello All,


      I wanted to see if someone can help me with an update query.


      I need to grab a latitude & longitude from a the same user that is in two accounts. therefore i am trying to update lat/long in a users table for one account based off of the same user in another account. I am matching the users up by phone number and last name. I tried a subquery but am having difficulty.


      I was thinking of something like the following:


      update users

      set lat = getlat, long = getlong

      inner join (select lat as getlat, long as get long from users where account_id = '1')

      on phone = phone and last name = lastname

      where account_id = '2' and lat IS NULL and long IS NULL


      Am I going in the right direction???


      Thanks in advance for any assistance!!!!