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    How can I 'onclick' when animation stops?


      Hello I have an animation (EDGECC 2014.1.1) which I sadly I can't attach.


      The countries move into place. Once there I want to be able to click on the country which will 'jump' to another animation (maybe zoom the country) or just open a new website in a new window.


      The problem i'm seeing is thus:


      1 The ability to click is present through the whole transition (I want it just at the end - when the countries are in place)

      2. The click doesn't work at the end of the transition 'STOP'


      Can anyone help please?


      Regards - Paul




      On the image below Ihave removed the 'stop' trigger at the end of the intro (introstop). If I  include it then I can't click to jump to the next bit called UKMAP (In this instance it just makes the map bigger)