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    Exporting a video from 550x400 to HD?


      I've got a flash movie with the standard, low pixels 550 x 400.  I want to export a video that's 1920x1080.   How can I do this?


      The flash movie is extremely complicated with all sorts of layers and such.  The only way I can think of doing it is selecting all the frames and converting to a Movie Symbol, then resizing the document size and resizing the symbol. However, I tried this in the past (with past versions of flash) and it caused some problems with the effects of the movie symbols within the big movie symbol. 


      Is there a better way to do it, or is the way I mentioned the only way?  Has the newer versions of flash fixed this issue?



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          You will be changing the aspect ratio and the size of the original pixels when you enlarge this movie. Both of those alterations will adversely affect the final movie. You may get a slightly better final product if you export the flash movie at its native size and then make the changes to the size and aspect ratio in video application.


          The best solution is to make your original flash file with the stage set to the final size that you want for your finished product.