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    Missing Project Folders

    xbet Level 1
      Help! I have almost completed my project. I was in the process of view the results of my compile to WebHelp. Since my project was open, I was doing some minor corrections using the WYSIWYG editor. I noticed some of folders that should be under the Project tab are missing and under the Topics tab. I can see my topics in the TOC view. What can I do?
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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Hi xbet

          First off, don't panic. I'd simply proceed with generating WebHelp and see if things seem fine. If so, close RoboHelp and begin picking things apart. The issue could be as simple as Windows memory being fragged out and causing things to misbehave. So I'd restart the PC, then begin seeing if things normalize.

          Give that a shot and report back with what you are seeing.

          Cheers... Rick
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            xbet Level 1
            Everything is OK now! I was a little over-zealous in cleanup and accidently deleted some *.fpj files. Luckly, I was able to restore them.