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    preloading audio?

      I'm having a problem with audio. It plays the sound, but it's getting chopped off like it's only doing one frame. When I make a minimal test file it seems to work. When I put it back in the main file it chops off.

      1) I'm using all actionscript, and it's all in an actions layer on one frame. Can that (one frame) be a problem, or would it be getting clobbered by something I have already going on, like the onEnterFrame stuff? (
      3) I'm using attachSound();
      4) There's a lot of sound files, so I tried preloading them into a separate swf and loading that with loadMovie, but I'm not getting any love there either.

      Anybody have any suggestions, or links to even more examples of preloading audio I havent' tried? At last count it was about 300. I've been at this for way too long!