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    Smart Previews only partially available

    Steve Besserman

      I've built smart previews for my photos, and the smart preview icon does appear on the top right of thumbnails in grid and filmstrip views. I am also able to make adjustments in Develop module, so I know that the SPs are active and successfully loaded.

      Problem is, I cannot export SPs via email. I get a message that "Can't send because some selected photos are missing".

      Also, the icon below the histogram indicates Original Photo only. This is regardless of whether the external drive is mounted or not. When mounted, it should indicate both Original and SP, and unmounted it should indicate SP only.

      I have removed all SPs once and rebuilt them, but with the same results.

      I've seen a couple of posts related to this or similar problems, so I know that it is not specific to my system or software, yet i have yet to see any responses to these posts.

      I'm hoping there is someone with knowledge who might offer some assistance with this.