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    include on other harddrive


      On my mac I used:


      #includepath "~/Documents/;%USERPROFILE%Documents";


      Now I switched to my pc and I need to point to somewhere else not on the C drive.


      I tried several things like:


      #include "D:\\catalogtree\\local_code"


      But I can't get it right. Is it even possible to point to another HD? And if so, how?

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          Loic.Aigon Adobe Community Professional



          I can't see why you couldn't. I guess this is because you tried different things but


          #include "D:\\catalogtree\\local_code"

          That just can't work. It's either


          #includepath "D:\\catalogtree\\local_code"




          #include "D:\\catalogtree\\local_code\\myScript.jsx"

          Generally when I want to double check file paths, I use File.openDialog().fsName; Eventually, uou can use $.evalFile but #include should work.






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            BSKTCreation Level 2



            Here is how I do it.


            #include "/h/Function List.jsx";


            You have to have forward slashes not back slashes, so I copy and paste the path then replace the slashes and get rid of the colon and add one extra slash at the start. I hope this clears it up.



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              Peter Kahrel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              The format that Brett gave is now the only format that works in InDesign JavaScripts. The format 'd:\\abc\klm.jsx' used to work, but no longer does (can't remember when it stopped working).


              An easy test to see if get the format right is this (and if you are certain that the file or folder exists):


              File ('/D/catalogtree/local_code/scr.jsx).exists




              Folder ('/D/catalogtree/local_code/scr.jsx).exists