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    how to control photo sort order in flickr publish folder

    jackfrombc Level 1

      Using LR 5.3 and trying to control the sort order of photos in a Publish folder (Flickr). When I drag-and-drop the photos, they never end up in the location indicated by  the dark black bar that appears under the mouse cursor. Usually appear within 5 or 6 places of the dropped location, but sometimes up to 20 places away from the dropped location. Futzing with the location sometimes gets them closer, but not always. It's very frustrating. I've seen comments about certain restrictions for manual sorting (e.g. not feasible in Smart Collections), but no specific reference to sorting in a Publish service. Is there a way to put the photos into the exact order that I want in a Flickr Publish folder? (Note: drag and drop does not work correctly... that's the problem).