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    Flash Builder uses 7Go RAM

    Tristan g.



      I'm using Flash Builder since Flash Builder Burrito, and I have Flash builder 4.7 Premium version today (with apache Flex and the last AIR SDK).


      I've modified the FlashBuilder.ini, it is like this: with XMx8192m

















      We started with new mobile project, and the project has grown. Today, our team has difficulties to work with Flash Builder:

      - have to divide 'big' library into multiple little libraries

      - open a class can makes 30 second to open

      - compile the project with all libraries opened is simply impossible,

      - simply use Flash builder to work get around 8Go of RAM very quickly (need to reboot Flash builder every 30 minutes)


      Adobe, how my team can works with Flash Builder ?

      We are very impacted with Flash builder, we can't work normally, it's a big problem fos us today, and we don't have a new version planned ?