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    RoboHelp Training?

    Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP

      If anyone in the group is looking for (or knows anyone that is looking for) some video based RoboHelp training, I've recently put up a class on udemy.com to focus on the basics. (advanced classes to follow).


      If interested, here is a coupon code to get it for $19!




      Cheers... Rick

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          AnahidMA Level 1

          You deserved full price, you've been so helpful in the past

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            AnahidMA Level 1

            I completed Rick's RoboHelp 11 training this morning, and highly recommend it. I've been using RoboHelp for years, but really just had the work dumped on me, and never have taken the time to really learn the program.


            I found it quite comprehensive, give some great tips & tricks, and good exercises.If one were a beginner, they could get up and running quite successfully after taking this course, but more advanced users can still get a lot out of it. I'm looking forward to the advanced class under preparation.


            Many thanks, great job

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              Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Wow, thanks so much for the kind words!


              After the RoboHelp, I tackled a Captivate course. And I'm nearly finished with the second Captivate course. So you have inspired me to begin tackling some advanced RoboHelp courses once I've finished this one!


              I'm trying to focus on some really tightly focused courses that will provide only what folks are interested in.


              What would you suggest as the first two or three for something more advanced?


              Here are some of the topics I've been kicking around for advanced courses:


              * Variables

              * Context Sensitivity

              * Snippets

              * Merged Help

              * Working with Baggage Files

              * Master Pages

              * Associate Links (ALINKS)

              * Framesets and Inline Frames (IFRAMES)

              * Adding Videos

              * Working with Content Categories

              * Using the Resource Manager

              * Working with Adobe Captivate

              * Browse Sequences

              * (Insert topic here)


              Thanks again! Rick

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                AnahidMA Level 1

                Hi Rick,


                No thanks necessary on your part! Looking at the list - here's what I personally would like to understand better. If you ever need a reviewer, let me know - I really do love your material

                - Snippeds

                - Frames

                - Adding Videos

                - Using the Resource Manager

                - Variables


                I figured out Baggage files (I know, amazing), and they are wonderful. I'm not sure of how it was done, but the person who originally created one KB / Training course about 10 years ago had one project that had two very different KBs. Maybe that was through the user of variables?


                I'd love to use Captivate, but we don't have a license - still I know it's extremely useful. Somehow I doubt they'll buy it for me