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    Robohelp 11 not Linking or Importing .docx or docm


      I just got RoboHelp 11 installed. I specifically upgraded to allow me to link my many Microsoft Word 2007 and Microsoft Word 2010 since RoboHelp 8 will not allow you to .docx files.  When I try to link there Word docs, it only shows me options for .doc and .rtf files (as shown below). I have the Microsoft Office 2010 suite installed and usable on my computer.  As the tutorials state:

      You can create a RoboHelp project by importing a Word document. To import Word files, you must have Microsoft

      Word installed on your computer.

      Note: DOCX and DOCM formats are not supported by versions earlier than Microsoft Word 2007. See Microsoft Word

      I was able to create a new project using a .docx file, but even that project once created shows this same window without the .docx and .docm options when linking or importing new Word Documents.

      Is there a setting or an update that is needed to allow me to select .docx file types for Linking and Importing?