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    Indesign cs6 freezes/crashes on Windows 7 64 bit selecting desktop folder


      Dear All,

      I'm experiencing a very strange behaviour of Indesign CS6 who freezes/closes in specific situations connected with desktop folder.


      I try to explain the issue:


      I got a brand new PC with Xeon CPU E3-1246 3.5 GHZ, 8 GB RAM, Windows 7 64bit and Clean installation of Indesign CS6.


      Indesign works great and fast, but everytime I try to open a file (from file ---> open) and select the desktop folder the program stop thinking for 1 second than closes down without crashing, without errors without anything.

      Same thing happens when I try to insert a picture in a frame selecting it from the desktop folder (only this folder, all the others work perfectly).


      I couldn't find anything useful on the internet to solve this kind of problem.

      Does anybody had the same problem? How did you solve that?


      Thanks in advance for help.