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    Why should I use tiff?

    Savage Ron

      I started a new video job last fall, and I'm working through old project files of my predecessor, and rather than just saving the AE assets as is, in a project file, he did something that I can't quite figure out and has several elements of an animation imported into AE as tiff sequences. I've never worked with them before, and I'm having trouble finding the answers as to why he would've needed to do that, or why it's even recommended.


      Can someone lay out the basics of TIFFs for me? Where you create them, why you would use them, etc?



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          shooternz Level 6

          TIFFs can have Layers just like psds so thats one advantage.


          They can be smaller files sizes than equivalent psds...thats an advantage.


          Photoshop can export a psd (work project) as TIFF


          They can be exported in a SEQUENTIAL File system

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            Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            From your description, it sounds like he was rendering some precomps or layers as an image sequence rather than leaving the comp live.

            This has the benefit of AE not having to render that precomp or layer. If you have a very intense particle effect with hundreds of thousands of particles, and you know it's not going to change, it can help to prerender it so that the rest of your work can continue without having to re-render those hundreds of thousands of particles every time.

            Does that answer what you were asking?

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              Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              A tiff sequence is a universal format readable by any nonlinear editor or compositing program. It is a lossless format and it is available at high bit depth. For clinical work it is a good choice. If you need to change ten frames is in the middle of a sequence also a good choice because you can just fix those 10 frames.

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                Savage Ron Level 1

                I think so, thank you. So, it's basically a different way to render a precomp, to cut down on the processing needed, so to speak? And yes, his animation was VERY busy, with lots of elements.

                I'm guessing the reason I've never done anything with it, is my aesthetic style is more clean and simple, with much fewer elements, so the need for this process has never really popped up in my own work.

                Thanks for the help in explaining. That at least helps me get into his mindset for his decisions.