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    Linking Raw and JPEG Proxies in a Catelog


      Hello I have three different questions here:


      1. I was curious if there's a way to re link RAW files with the JPEGs once we enter Meta Data in a New Catalog? 


      2. Is there a way to HIDE the RAW files from other users?


      3. When we make a new XMP file is there a way to KEEP the original XMP without replacing it?

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          dj_paige Level 9
          1. I think there's a plug-in that will do this, but I'll let the plug-in experts speak up
          2. No, there is no HIDE feature in Lightroom, nor does the software recognize the concept of "other users", every user is considered to be the same user.
          3. No, Lightroom only allows a single xmp file per original RAW image. (Of course, you could do something in your operating system, but that's probably very tedious and labor intensive.) However, since Lightroom keeps track of the history of your edits, and also allows you make "snapshots" to save any edit result that you have done, and it seems like it might eliminate the need to save earlier xmp files.
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            ZZ123 Level 1

            Thanks for the quick response!


            1. I would be interested in knowing about this plug in and researching more on it's costs or even a trial round to test it out.


            2. That's what I thought, I just wanted to ask.  Correct me if I'm wrong but Lightroom is supposed to be a system for individual photographers/Photo Retouchers. It's not meant to be a shared system for "all users" have access to right?  We are using this as a system to add tagging to files that have a pre existing XMP file that already has information included which we don't really want to overwrite. 


            3.  So one XMP per Raw...So we wouldn't be able to "hide" or "move" this XMP file in order to add meta data tagging for a catalog use? 

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              dj_paige Level 9
              1. Perhaps this is the one I was thinking of, but I honestly don't know what it can and cannot do: robcole.com - RawPlusJpeg
              2. Lightroom is a one-user program. There cannot be simultaneous multi-user access. If you really need true multi-user access, you might want to look into software named Daminion (note: I only state it is multi-user, and I am not endorsing it in any way as I have not used it).
              3. As I'm not really familiar with your application, I can only give mild advice (which might be completely off target), but the idea of putting such emphasis on XMP files seems contrary to what Lightroom is all about, where metadata and edits are stored in the catalog file itself. So I feel like you are heading in the wrong direction. Or maybe it means you shouldn't be using Lightroom.