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    Intel E5-2680 v3 vs any i7 processor

    EH Films

      Hey all. Right now my current setup is an older Dell Precision T7500 with 2- X5680 processors, 64gb ECC ddr3 ram, and dual GTX 680 4gb version. These processors are getting up there in age and I have my eyes set on a new system. The processor I have picked out to replace it is the Intel E5-2680 v3, which is a 2.5GHz 12 core processor. Now, I stand to gain quite a bit from moving to this new processor as the socket is about 3 revisions ahead of my current setup. I want to go with an X99 board so I can have some future proofing.


      My problem is, in most of the benchmarks I've found, there are other i7 processors that seem like they handle premiere much better than the intel I have picked out, but I cannot be sure as most of the time, the high end xeon's aren't exactly pitted against the i7's. So there isn't much detail that I can find that directly pits the two against another. I am looking to someone that knows if which one is a smarter choice. I realize that the Xeon is insanely expensive compared to the i7, but in this case, I do this for a living and money is not an issue. I just want to make sure that I'm getting the best bang for my buck, and no one can tell me if the extra 800 dollars is going to do me any good.

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          JEShort01 Level 4

          Your current system was a monster in its day!


          Regarding your new build, it depends. Check out the following post where Eric Bowen of ADK did lots of benchmark testing for various CPUs on Asus x99 motherboards:

          Haswell E benchmarks


          For most workflows, an overclocked i7-5960x word be the best choice, however for some heavy-lifting renders, the additional cores for the most expensive, fastest e5-26xx cpus can pull ahead. Personally, I'd choose the overclocked i7 every time unless you have the budget for another dual-Xeon build.





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            EH Films Level 1

            Well those numbers do look impressive. I guess that the i7 is going to be faster, but its also being OC'd to almost DOUBLE the GHz. This rig will not be watercooled and I very much doubt that I will see the same longevity in the OC i7 that I will in a stock xeon. The biggest reason I want to get rid of my system now is power draw. Both of those processors are 135w TDP and the system gets loud enough as it is trying to cool them both down. I think that the Xeon will probably be a better choice when it comes to power efficiency and heat dispersal on air. Thanks for that forum. I'll still have to make up my mind

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              RoninEdits Most Valuable Participant

              the i7-5960X is 140w TDP, and if overclocking will require extra cooling. however its cooling just one chip vs your current dual xeon, might mean lower noise. the i7 is the best bang for the buck...   the E5-2660 v3 is only 105w TDP if really going for a silent build, but does drop some of the performance of the E5-2680 v3  (120w TDP).  if you are building this yourself, the right case and fans will really make a difference for a silent build.

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                EH Films Level 1

                The case I have picked out for this job is the Nanoxia Deep Silence 3. I've worked with it's little brother the deep silence 4 and was thoroughly impressed with build quality and sound dampening material inside. There would really be no point in getting the i7 if I didn't overclock it as the 2680 v3 would destroy it. However, when OC'ing it to 4.5GHz, it does become a very different story. However, according to those forums, it also seems like the xeon build have better playback at higher resolutions, which honestly, as an editor, I'd rather have flawless playback than a faster render time. Especially if we're talking only seconds between the two. Not to mention when working with super complex video tracks, ECC ram is always going to be a boon rather than a burden. I've been on the wrong side of an hour long export only to find out there was an encoding error that caused tearing in the video output. Still though, the price point of the 5960X is very tempting... 

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                  RoninEdits Most Valuable Participant

                  that nanoxia deep silence 3 looks just like the fractal define's! i took a peek at the specs, its looks like the nanoxia only supports 2x120mm fans up front? while the fractal supports 2x140mm. the define R5 also looks to have better fan filter placement/removal for cleaning. can take a look at the define R5 (if you haven't already), its a popular silent case series.

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                    JEShort01 Level 4

                    If you are insistent on a single-CPU e5-26xx workstation build, definitely get the e5-2687w.

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                      EH Films Level 1

                      Hmm, I didn't realize that fractal has released a new R5 line. It looks much better than the Nanoxia, even though a bit higher priced. My current rig is huge. The computer weighs in at around 75 lbs right now. She's beastly huge.

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                        EH Films Level 1

                        Ooph. Thanks for the recommendation, but 160w vs 120w is definitely something I'm not interested in. I already have a space heater lol!


                        edit: for me, the tdp is one of the strikes against the i7 as well.

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                          EH Films Level 1

                          I think that based on the information available, and most in part due to this the benchmarks that were provided to me by JEShort01, I am going to go with the Xeon. When it comes down to it, it seems as though the Xeon's handle realtime playback better even with a slower render. And since I'm an editor working with 4k and 6k footage, playback will be king over render times for me. Not to mention, if I find myself on the wrong side of exporting an hour and a half long 4k video, ECC ram will definitely play a huge part in making sure I don't have to go back and render it multiple times due to encoding errors.

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                            Bill Gehrke Most Valuable Participant

                            If you are interested in a short high end CPU performance summery of our Premiere Pro BenchMark (PPBM) results here they are.  It does not list your CPU pick but shows just the CPU intensive results (no disk or GPU activity).  Thanks to Eric at ADK for the E5-2697 v3 scores.


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                              ECBowen Most Valuable Participant

                              The Xeons don't have a better realtime playback do to the cores. The I7 actually has just as good of playback at 4K to 6K media when clocked above 4Ghz. The clock speed of the CPU has a very large impact on GPU acceleration and processing latency. The DDR4 is also unlocked with the I7 chips which means you have clock the ram above 2133. You cant do that on the V3 Xeons which are locked at the CPU and ram. The Xeons however can handle a greater load realtime before you have to either render the timeline or drop the preview resolution to half. If you use 3rd party FX or link of from AE often then the I7 will often outperform the Xeon for realtime playback because the threading is more limited often times in those workflows which now makes processing latency more of a performance drawback. Clock speed will always outperform cores in that scenario if you have enough threads to handle the media.




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                                EH Films Level 1

                                Only premiere is used. After Effects rarely gets touched. Overclocking is something I am not interested in. Looking at temps, IDLE at 4GHz for that chip, we're looking at no lower than 33c with a beast of a cooler. I'm just not that interesting in purchasing a 1000 dollar piece of hardware and then have to mod it. Heat and electricity usage is no joke in Texas.


                                edit: This is the statement you made that convinced me to go with the xeon (granted this has more cores than the 2680 v3)


                                "The CPU threading was ideal across all 28 threads regardless of the render settings. The realtime playback threaded ideally as well. The GPU load even on the Titan Black edition often pushed 90%+ upwards to 98% while the CPU load was only 52%. This means we finally have a single CPU that can push a Titan Black Edition card with Adobe. The Realtime playback at full resolution was clean for 4K, 5K98 Frame (60 frame playback), and 6K. The CPU load during playback averaged 50% to 60% or less with red media. The export times were longer as expected than the higher clock speed 8 Core but the realtime playback was by far the most impressive so far. Benchmarks with 900 series Nvidia cards will be next."


                                Anything that I shouldn't be taking too seriously from this statement?

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                                  ECBowen Most Valuable Participant

                                  That statement is explaining my testing for the Haswell E chips and their performance. That reflects what I was saying about the clock speed and cores. The i7 5960X clocked at 4GHz+ also played back the same media realtime flawlessly. However the CPU load was at 100% versus 52%. That is the realtime load I was speaking about. That I7 CPU is $1100. The Xeon is $2600. So the pricing with the performance still points to the i7. The I7 Ram clock speed is unlocked. The Xeon is locked just like the CPU. There are going to be effects and codecs that perform better on the i7 because of that. Render speeds will be better on the I7. All of this is why I pointed above to the i7. 33C for a CPU is in the absolute ideal range for idle temps. That is no where near the concern level. The CPU's don't even start to throttle down in speed till 90C. So any Idle temp under 55 to 60C is good enough. Overclocking the CPU to 4GHz raises the power draw less than 70W. A dual Xeon system will require far more power than a i7 clocked to 4GHz if that is even a concern. You need atleast a 750W PSU just for the Dual Xeon board before you start looking at GPU's. You can run an I7 system on a 750W PSU.




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                                    EH Films Level 1

                                    I appreciate you taking the time to answer! Well like I said, overclocking is not something I'm interested in. And my current temps on idle are anywhere from 22-25C so jumping that 10 degrees C is a big deal for me. I realize the I7 is better value for money, but the particular processor I want is only 600 more than that. I mean, really, if i'm spending a grand on a processor, whats another 600? I will not be going dual xeon, just the single 12-core. The point of this new build is to make it efficient without losing any horsepower and right now, i've got 12 cores but spread over two processors. In order to push my system right now, I've got a corsair 1200w PSU that will be going in the new build. And like I said, power and heat in texas is no joke. During the summer months our bill can be well over 300+ dollars. So that extra >70w will add up, even if it takes a while to do so. The other  fact that I didn't mention is that by day, I'm a network administrator for a bookstore. So having the ability to use all the features that processor has will be a bonus! haha. At any rate. I'll let you know how the build goes and post it up here so ya'll can gander at it!