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    zit removal tracking clone brush


      Here is my shot, I'm able to track the spot on her nose ok and I can apply that tracking data to clone position but I can't figure out where to get the data for the clone source tracking... I know is the same tracking data as the "clone position" only offset... I'm not familiar with how to write expressions or anything like that? Could someone explain a simple solution? Or maybe I'm using the wrong tool.


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          Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Alt-click (or option-click if you're on a Mac) on the property you would like to add the expression to. In this case, it's the source point for the clone (if I'm reading your post correctly). This will add an expression. Grab the little swirly icon (called the pic whip) that gets created and drag it to the clone position value. Then type


          This will make the source go to the exact same spot as the clone position and offset it by whatever value you've got in the source position. So you can drag around on the source position as much as you need to get it into place and then the tracking data will move it from there.

          Hopefully that helps.