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    no video clips appear in Organizer


      I only get gray icons for videos and audio files. If I click on one, it does open the video or audio. Stills show up ok. I've done chkdsk numerous times. Reloaded original software many times. Can't use any of the nice tagging ect. features of this product.


      Premiere Elements 12

      Windows 8.1

      all system requirements more than satisfied. 

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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          What are the properties of the files involved in this Elements Organizer 12 issue - especially video compression and file extension?

          Are you working from the 12.1 Update for both the Premiere Elements 12 Editor and the Elements Organizer 12?

          If not, please update to 12.1 using the opened project's Help Menu/Update.


          Please clarify...given you import your file into the Elements Organizer 12, you get a gray thumbnail.

          Can you right click the thumbnail, select Update Thumbnail, and then get a image from the file in the thumbnail?


          If the thumbnail stays gray in spite of the Update Thumbnail, if you double click that gray icon, do you get video and

          audio playback in the Elements Organizer 12 player?


          If you first import the file into Premiere Elements 12 Editor instead of the Elements Organizer 12 and go to the Elements Organizer 12

          afterward, do you find the file in the Elements Organizer, and does it now have an image from the file its thumbnail in the Elements Organizer 12?


          By the way, are any of these files from the book Classroom in a Book for 12?


          Let us start here and then decide what next.


          Thank you.



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            judya21425740 Level 1

            I'm using the videos and audio files from Peachpit (classroom in a book). I just loaded the software from the disk which is Premiere Elements 12. I clicked on properties. Elements 12.  Where do I find the upgrade to 12.1?


            When I click on the gray image--either video or audio, a full color, video emerges in a large window that plays correctly. The audio plays correctly as well. However, the gray images remain gray.


            I tried importing through the video editor. The assets holder shows all files correctly. But when I switch back to the organizer...same old gray images.


            I've checked my computer for malware etc., chkdsked it. Reloaded the software numerous time. Cleared the cache. Created different named folders. Erased all data. Created new folders and brought in the files over and over again.  Nothing.


            I'm going to try to bring in some AVCHD files I have on the HD plus photos.

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              judya21425740 Level 1

              Thank you!!!! You were correct about Classroom.  I had no problem loading my AVCHD files. Do you know if they have any uncorrupted files any where?  If not I will call them about this problem.  Spent mucho dinero on their book.


              Only question now remains...where do I upgrade Premiere.  I really appreciate your help. I've spent two days of my life trying to get things to work.  And the Organizer has many practical uses.  Although I could edit videos in the Editor...having the Organizer is very helpful.

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                A.T. Romano Level 7



                Thanks for the reply. The Classroom in a Book series has a history for problem lesson files; whereas your own files work fine in the program.

                Definitely contact the publisher to determine if there are updated files that you can download from the publisher.


                It is not like it used to be in Premiere Elements 9 when you could download and install the updates yourself from an online link.

                All the program updates are done within the program via Help Menu/Updates, that is, if a program update exists.


                To do that, you go to an opened project and click on Help Menu/Updates and follow the instructions.

                If you have problems with that route, please let me know, and give me more details including any error message associated

                with the attempted update or other.


                Best wishes.



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                  judya21425740 Level 1

                  Dear ATR,


                  Reread your first message.  Just upgraded to 12.1.  Thanks again. Have a great day.



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                    A.T. Romano Level 7



                    Thanks for the follow up.


                    I am not sure of all the things that Adobe put into the 12.1 Update, but a major perk was getting rid of the Expert workspace (only) text style issue that existed in the 12 version.


                    Hope all is going well. Please let us know when and if you need an assist with your Premiere Elements workflows.


                    Best wishes.