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    Trying to upload raw cr2 files and Lightroom says "file is not recognized"


      Backstory: I photographed a VERY important commercial shoot today and I went to upload the photos to Lightroom. The first 30 images uploaded just fine, but the rest won't. Lightroom says the file is not recognized by the raw format support in Lightroom (401). Everything is updated in my computer... Lightroom, Photoshop ect. Photoshop also says that the file cannot be read. I can't open them in iPhoto or preview either. BUT I can see the thumbnail when I click the camera card reader on the desktop. I am uploading from a card reader as well. I shot with this card yesterday and everything was fine. I NEVER delete photos off my camera, and I always format it. If it is corrupted, how do you I find that out, and is there anyway to get my photos back?


      Is there anything I can do to fix this? I am panicking. Help, please.


      Thank you in advance