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    "Batch" file name change?


      I have about 600 photos in a gallery.  Currently, the file names are 1.jpg, 2.jpg, ..., 600.jpg.  I would like to do some type of batch command that will change all the file names at once without having to go into each photo and change them individually.  I have a spreadsheet that has two columns, one with the existing file names, in order, and the other with the file names I need.  Is there anyway to do this with a command that will do it in "batch" style, changing all file names at one time?

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          johnrellis Most Valuable Participant

          There's no way builtin to LR. But you could use the LR/Transporter plugin combined with LR's Rename command:


          1. Save your spreadsheet in CSV format.


          2. Use LR/Transporter to import the spreadsheet, setting the IPTC:Instructions metadata field of each photo to be the new (desired) filename.  (Or pick another metadata field you're not using.)


          3. Use the Library > Rename command to rename each file to a new name using the IPTC:Instructions field.  In the Rename window's File Naming dropdown menu, select Edit.. and you'll see how to create a custom renaming template that uses IPTC:Instructions.