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    Issues burning compatible Blu-rays


      I had some complaints that some of the Blu-rays which I recently produced in 1080i were not working on some Blu-ray players.  In researching the issue I learned that many Blu-ray players require an AACS Folder in order to function.  However, the Blu-rays produced by Premiere Elements 13 do not have that folder.  Of course, firmware upgrades may fix the problem on the players, but one can't expect their customers to do that in many cases.  Nor should they.  Then I learn that one can burn an ISO to get the folder onto the disk.  Of course when I try it, I find that it doesn't work on files bigger than 1.3 gigs.  This is a huge problem and I have a job to get out.  Is there a solution?  This was a low budget job, done to line up some large jobs in May and June.  This is the fourth generation of Premiere Elements and there is no reason there should compatibility issues of this sort.  Please restore my faith in Adobe, I am in the process of likely converting to Lightroom an upgrading to full Photoshop from Elements, however at the moment I am very disappointed because I feel this issue is intentional. 

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          You make a valid point about the Premiere Elements 13 and its unresolved ISO Image file size issue which has not been addressed by Adobe even in its recently released 13.1 Update. Lots of avenues for you to pursue in evaluating your customer comments. I could see your rationale in hunting for the Blu-ray burn to which includes the AACS Folder only if you could support the lack of it being the cause of customer playback issues.


          Have you done the quick test where you have a Timeline that will give you a Blu-ray .iso file end product of less than 1 GB.


          Then doing the comparison





          Disc, with the preset you have been using







          ISO Image (25 GB)

          with the same preset as in burn to disc

          then take the .iso to Blu-ray disc format on Blu-ray disc with ImgBurn?


          Does the .iso route giving player playback versus burn to route which does not give player playback?


          I am working on a workaround. Will let you know shortly if it was a great workaround or a dud.


          To be continued.



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            Thanks for the response.  This is a huge problem for me. I have a expected $10,000 + job that could be jeopardized as result of this issue, on top of the fact that all of my business is developed by word of mouth.


            Basically, I have been doing professional photography for a couple years now.  Last year, I discovered that I could use Ninja 2s with SLRs and get extremely high quality video from and SLR.  So, I have been using SLRs to do dance videos.  I did not have a back ground in video work, so I chose Premiere Elements because of the learning curve and the fact that the built in menus work great for what I am doing.  It was my intention to move up to Premiere as my skills developed and my wallet fattened. After all, good camera equipment is very expensive, and I have spent a fortune over the past two years.


            Now back to the subject.  The Blu-ray that I am trying to correctly burn is about 11 gigs.  The blu-rays worked in all three of the blu-ray devices that I own, but seem to fail in about half of the players that my customers own. However, my oldest player did require a firmware update before it would play.


            I am using a Pioneer BDR-209D with up to date firmware, I attempted to create the disks from the ISO using both Burnaware Premium and Power 2 Go.  The disk that I am using are Verbatim and not the LTHs which have their own compatibility issues.  The disk I burned were unreadable by all three of my blu-ray devices


            At the moment, I suspect that my only option is to redo the project using a professional grade program unless you can come up with a fix for this issue

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              Here is the plan. See if it works for you.


              On the computer desktop create a new empty folder. Name the folder AACC. In the AACC Folder create another new empty folder, and name the folder DUPLICATE. Close out of there.


              In Premiere Elements, do a regular




              disc with your usual preset for this choice. Keep away from the ISO Image (25 or 50 GB) choices.


              After the burn to disc is complete in Premiere Elements, open the Blu-ray disc to explore its contents. Copy its

              BDMV Folder and paste it to the computer desktop.


              Now on the computer desktop, you have your homemade AACC Folder and the BDMV Folder from the Premiere Elements burn to Blu-ray (disc).


              Open ImgBurn, do not use File Menu/ to import the AACC and BDMV Folders from the desktop. Instead, drag each into the blank area underneath

              were it says Source. Hit the Build button at the bottom of that area and follow the instructions. You should end up with a Blu-ray disc with more than 1 GB content and with

              AACC Folder

              BDMV Folder

              CERTIFICATE Folder

              This hybrid works on at least my computer's Blu-ray player.


              Please let us know if that works for you.


              Best wishes



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                morrisst21168409 Level 1

                Do I need to copy over the Certificate folder as well, or is it automatically created during the burn process?  Another big question is will your blu-ray player not otherwise play the disk if the AACC folder is missing.  All of my clients who are are experiencing this issue are literally a 100 mile round trip away.  Oh well, ones got to do what ones got to do.


                Hope this works.  Thanks for the quick response.

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                  Thanks for the reply.


                  Do not copy the CERTIFICATE Folder from the Premiere Elements burn to Blu-ray disc, only its BDMV Folder in the plan described above.

                  ImgBurn should generate the CERTIFICATE Folder....to be sure....

                  Tools Menu


                  Build Tab

                  Page 2

                  and look for the Blu-ray options and have a check mark next to them

                  ....Create BDMV Folders

                  ....Create CERTIFICATE Folder

                  Certificate Folder.JPG

                  My computer Blu-ray player plays

                  a. Premiere Elements burn to Blu-ray disc after burn to in Premiere Elements

                  b. The Premiere Elements BDMV + CERTIFICATE Folders with or without the AACC Folder


                  The following may be of interest

                  ATR Premiere Elements Troubleshooting: PE 13: Blu-ray ISO Image and AACS Folder


                  The AACC Folder may not be the answer. If not, is there anyway you can compile

                  player data for those reporting problems regarding playback of these discs?


                  We will be watching for further developments as your schedule permits.


                  Best wishes