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    Installer does not launch LR 5.7 It makes a feeble attempt but then quits without installing the downloads. How can I correct this?

    Richard DK

      Hi: I have been trying for several hours, in fact all day and into the late evening, trying to get Creative Cloud back to its usually helpful self. My older laptop finally gave up on me but it still holds over 2000 of my recent images and I want to get them back unto a working version of LR. .

      I am in Florida and my desktop is in my house in Ontario, Canada. So I picked up another Windows 7 ACER laptop. Actually it was a Xmas gift for my wife who had been suffering from Windows Hateitis .She has recovered and almost likes 8 now. So I get to play with the newer laptop until we get back up north in late March.

      However the gremlins seem to have got there before me and Creative Cloud's installer just won't do it's job.. It stutters along weakly for a few seconds and then quits without launching a single byte.


      I have downloaded the. exe files but Mulder and Skully are no longer around to solve the mystery.


      Perhaps one of you can.


      Once I get LR on board I can work on getting those 2000 plus raw files from a dead laptop to a hopefully healthy one. At least it is not a hate.