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    Installing Flash Player content debugger in Windows 8

    waya penguin

      Operating system version: Windows 8, 64-bit

      Web browser and version: Internet Explorer 10, version 10.0.9200.17183, update version 10.0.23 (KB3008923)

      (I am also using Google Chrome version 40.0.2214.115 m (64-bit) for surfing the internet but I gave you the Internet Explorer version too because flex will use the explorer)

      Flash Player version: On Google Chrome: (plus I see the animation), On Internet Explorer: Unclear



      I am a flex developer, and I'm trying to install Apache Flex SDK 4.14.0 to work with on my computer along with eclipse (on windows 8).

      I am following the instructions here: http://apache.mivzakim.net/flex/4.14.0/README , and under the "SOFTWARE" part, in number * 4, I am instructed to install the Adobe Flash Player Content Debugger.


      I need the developer's debugger version of flash player, so I downloaded it from here: Adobe Flash Player - Downloads under "Download the Flash Player for Windows 8 x64 debugger".

      What was received was a file named "Windows8-RT-KB2777262-x64.msu". When I  clicked on it it did an update to windows that was supposed to get me the debug version of flash player.


      Now when I go to this link: Flash Player Help and press on "Check Now" I see this:



      Your Flash Version


      Your browser name

      Internet Explorer

      Your Operating System (OS)

      Windows (Windows 8)


      The flash player that was installed is NOT a debug version.


      How do I install the debug version???