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    Lens Profile Deleted By DNG Converter

    Richard4911 Level 1

      I'm currently having to convert some of my Nikon .nef files into .dng files so that Capture One Pro 8 will read them.


      I'm using the Adobe DNG converter 8.7.1


      After the conversion the lens profile is no longer readable within Capture One Pro 8.


      I assume (probably wrongly) that the lens data is being deleted by the converter?


      Ideally I'd like to have Capture One read all of my .nef files but quite a few of them aren't readable due to (I'm informed) them being damaged. Photoshop and Lightroom can read these files but not Capture One!


      If I could find something that would repair the .nef files I'd be much happier due to the problems I'm getting with the dng converter.


      Thanks for taking the time to read my small rant...

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          JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          If you open one of those DNG files in Photoshop/Camera Raw or Lightroom, is the lens profile information where it should be?

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            ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Is the lens profile information what is damaged for C1 so converting them the DNG won’t help?


            Or if you convert an NEF that C1 reads fine, to DNG, does C1 still not have lens information, which means the DNG converter isn’t packaging it in a way C1 can read or removing it, entirely?


            What camera model are these from where a lens profile rather than just lens model information is stored in the NEFs?

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              Richard4911 Level 1

              If I import a .nef file into Capture One that can be read it shows the lens profile.


              If I then convert the same file to .dng and import into Capture One the lens profile is missing.


              The same image file (as a .nef) shows the lens profile in both Photoshop and Lightroom.


              I've just imported the converted .dng files into Lightroom and it shows the lens profile.


              So Lightroom can read both the original .nef and the converted .dng files and show the lens data for both but Capture One can only read the lens data for the .nef files... interesting...

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                ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                Ok, your second sentence is what I was asking. 


                What camera model? 


                For DSLRs, PS/ACR and LR use external profiles, so are not actually reading lens profile information from within the raw file, and instead or just reading the lens model information and matching up an external profile with the lens model.


                For mirrorless cameras PS/ACR and LR there is a built-in profile (not sure if in the raw or in the software) that PS/ACR and LR applies automatically and this correction cannot be turned off.


                I don’t know anything about how C1 works.  Do you know if C1 has external profiles or does it only apply conversions that are actually specified in the raw files, which woudn’t be more DSLRs. 


                I guess what I’m asking is about your terminology.  Is what C1 can’t see the lens profile information in mirrorless camera raws (if such information exists in reality, I don’t know) or is what C1 can’t see the lens model information that it would need to determine what lens profile to apply?