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    Clearing history not reducing catalogue size or affecting speed of LR

    imajez Level 1

      I've been looking at ways of speeding up LR and thought to see if clearing 'History' helped.

      Weirdly after clearing history from all my images the catalogue is still the same rather large 6.4GB. A restart of LR doesn't change anything either. LR didn't seem to take any time to do this job either which I thought was a bit odd, maybe because it didn't actually do anything.

      So I have no history and no change in speed either. 

      [I backed catalogue up first before testing BTW, so I can always restore history].


      OSX 10.8.5 - OS is on an SSD and the LR catalogue is on a separate SSD all by itself in an attempt to speed things up.

      Interestingly I decided to clear all previews when starting with new SSD and very briefly LR was a bit snappier. Now I have a mere 4GB of previews and 2.3GB of smart previews and LR is back to Slowsville.