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    Can anyone help me please?!


      So I have been working away editing in Lightroom 3 over the past few weeks and stupidly haven't backed up recently as space is low on my hard drive. Whilst taking a break today I thought I'd better clear some space in order to do so because I would hate to loose all my recent work. After backing up a few files to my external hard drive and deleting from my computer I looked at deleting a few old Lightroom backups as I know these take up space too. So I opened backups and clicked on a old file and just like that it opened Lightroom with this old backup. Now I seem to have lost the current session that I was working on. <biggest saddest face ever> I hope this makes sense, I'm a bit of an idiot when it comes to all this. Is there anyway of reversing what I've just done or is all my work lost? Please help, busy mum of two about to hit the Gin. I can't bear to think the past 3 weeks have been a waste of time...