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    Got a new Mac that has Yosemite and am now getting an internal error message


      I went from OS X Mavericks on my old MacBook Pro to Yosemite on my new MacBook Pro - and now Presenter Express 10 is not working. I see myself on camera and start recording but when I try to play back I get an "internal error" message. Someone else posted on 2/15 they were getting this message but it doesn't seem like it's the same issue - ? I don't even get a chance to select different views - just the yellow shows up before the error message.


      The resolution is on the default of 1440 x 900, which is what Presenter's Help page says it should be at.


      I have Presenter Express installed and am not using it via a subscription. I did encounter problems with Photoshop with Yosemite and had to install Java 6 plus completely uninstall and reinstall Photoshop to make it work. Am wondering if I need to uninstall and reinstall Presenter Express?

      ****EDIT*** If I DO have to uninstall and reinstall - I just went to my account page and although all my software purchases and serial numbers are listed I can't click to download anything. I don't see a page where I can do this for Presenter Express (although there is one for other apps). All I can find is a purchase page with the free trial option.

      ****EDIT***** Just tried playing back a video that was still in Presenter from before I moved to new my Mac and it won't play. "application encounter an internal error"

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          RajeevAdobe Adobe Employee

          You might need to clean install Adobe Presenter 10 video express in new user profile which has the complete admin rights. Please remove Adobe Presenter Video express completely and then create a new user account with admin rights.

          Make sure that you do not put space or any special characters in the user name.Then reinstall Adobe Presenter video Express 10 from the link given below.


          If you are not able to get the download link you may provide us your order details as a private message and we will look into it.

          Screen resolution has to match as per mentioned on Adobe Presenter help document.

          Please let me know if that works.



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            SuzMM Level 1

            Thank you for your response Rajeev, yet I have a few concerns about it.

            As I said, my screen resolution is what the Presenter Help page says it should be for a MacBook Pro: 1440x900.


            1. In addition to the Photoshop problem I had when everything was migrated from my old MacBook Pro running Mavericks  to my new one running Yosemite, I also had a problem with Dreamweaver and what was a permissions problem. Is that what is going on here with Presenter 10? Adobe techs refused to talk to me since my versions of both programs were a couple years old.


            So I called Apple, as it was clear it was a permissions issue that would not allow me to open up my Dreamweaver files.


            To address the permissions problem with Dreamweaver, Apple had me create a new user account with admin rights, and in doing so (although the tech PROMISED it wouldn't happen even though I voiced my concerns about it) ALL my stored passwords were wiped out. They ended up having to give me a big Apple store purchase credit because it took me hours to add all my passwords back in manually - and some I didn't have written down. If I create another new one, I bet the same thing is going to happen.


            2. The permissions problem in Dreamweaver was solved by creating a new user account with admin rights. I did not have to do a clean re-install. However, the Photoshop problem required the Java 6 Runtime download from Apple, as well as uninstalling and reinstalling Photoshop. Since I have been in the process of moving and my Creative Suite discs were in a box, I first tried downloading it from Adobe. But when I opened it up and clicked on the install icon, an error message came up that said Apple will not allow downloads to be installed unless they are purchased from the Apple store, or are an from an "approved vendor" (or something like that). I was like, WHAT???? But fortunately I found the box my software was in and reinstalled Photoshop from it.

            Naturally my concern is if I download Presenter 10 again (I do not have it on disc) I will get the same Apple error message. I had massive problems with the previous version of Presenter and Adobe techs spent hours and hours with me trying to fix the problem - and actually made some things worse. I finally requested a free copy of Presenter 10 Student edition (I am a full time student) as compensation for all my time, and that is the version I have and is registered with Adobe.