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    scrolling problems


      I have a strange problem with a scrollbar. It's a custom made scrollbar. I'm using a dynamic contet (asp, xml), which is loaded as a menu and as a content. When U click on a menu item, the content in the main textfield changes. The problem is that is if you scroll and then load the new content, the scroll doesn't go to 0 and in some cases it doesn't scroll the entire content and ih some cases ti just scrolls and scrolls.

      There's a lot of code and I have no options to upload the files to a server, I can send you it via email. THX for any help
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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          after scrolling a textfield (and changing its scroll property) and then loading new content into the textfield, the textfields scroll property remains changed. to remedy, reset the textfield's scroll property to 1 (not zero).

          and if you have problems with incorrect scrolling, then you have a logic or coding error.
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            rohai Level 1
            THX kglad for your reply. It didn't work. I'm basicly scrolling a MC, into which is a textfield located. Does this change anything?
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              kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP
              if you're scrolling a movieclip then you're not scrolling a textfield and you're not interested in the scroll property of any textfield but rather the _y property of your movieclip. true?