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    Adding master page moves page x-axis

    apreble Level 1

      I'm using InDesign CS6 (ver 8.0), and I'm having a problem I've never encountered before.  I have a document with a custom page size of 5"x7" landscape orientation with facing pages.  The master pages are also this same page size (5"x7"), landscape orientation with facing pages.


      The master page shifts by 1.5" everytime I add a page in between existing pages or move pages around.


      Sometimes both sides of the page are off by 1.5 inches.


      If I reapply the master pages, it says that the master page is a different page size from the one in the document (which is not true), and it will fix the problem on that one page.  The other way to fix the problem manually is to use the page tool to move the "c-master" page on the x-axis 1.5" to line it up correctly with the underlying page.  It is a similar issue to this question and this question, but it doesn't seem like either were ever resolved.


      I've never used or understand fully the "liquid page rule", but I have tried changing it to "off" or to "re-center", and I still get the same results.  I also tried setting up a new document from scratch, and I still have the problem.  Until I started having the problem, I never used the page tool, so I know that I haven't adjusted pages there.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.