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    how do I delete unwanted video files?


      Hello all, I am wondering how do I go about deleting old video files I no longer want, without messing up my program or file that I shouldn't delete? Thank you for your time.

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          I am assuming that you are making a distinction between video files and project files.


          Assuming video files....never move, delete, or rename files/folders that went into a project after the project is saved closed.

          When you import media into a project, all you have in the project are copies of the originals. The originals are still on the hard drive. But, the project

          needs to trace back to those originals at their hard drive save location. So, determine to what active project the videos are



          You can look into the concept of project archiving. In this approach a copy of the project file and copies of its sources media are

          saved to the computer hard drive in its own folder. Consequently, originals of the source media at their hard drive save location can be deleted because the copies of the project file and source media are isolated in the archives folder.

          Adobe Premiere Elements Help | Archiving projects

          But, to me, that has the ring of a trade off rather than a direct deletion.


          Please review and consider and then we can discuss this further. Please provide more information if I am not targeting what you seek.


          Thank you.