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    Can Flash Do It??

      1st .. imagine that u made 16 buttons and its not a keyboard.. its only buttons and each button have 2 cables out..
      2nd .. imagine that you have a computer PC and your controller configured internal or external..
      3rd .. imagine that a cable going out from your controller connected with a lamp map that have 16 small lights ..
      4th .. imagine a PLASMA or LCD screen (any type) connected with the PC
      5th .. imagine a software that control Audio/Video (DVD Movies) to be played at the screen through the PC (saved in the PC)

      now ..

      the setup must work like this >>

      if a user pressed any specific button for example this button says (Europe) and after that the user pressed a button says (Germany) the actions after pressing these buttons will be ::

      step 1- one of the small lights that existed in the map appears in Germany location at the map will be lighted and keep lighting ON
      step 2- a movie will start playing (Audio/Video) and its possible to be Audio only..
      step 3 - any kind of pressing to any other buttons will not working because the movie still working and did not finish yet..
      step 4 - after the movie finish the lamp small light that its lighting in Germany location at the map will goes off because the ovie finished.
      step 5 - the user now can jump to other country in Europe or he can jump to change the all map like he goes to Asia and choose china to see its movie..
      step 6 - if the user left the location and movie still working ..

      after the movie finished .. the setup will wait for 20 secs .. and after that a screen saver or a default movies or menu will start working .. and if the user pressed .. we back to step 1

      is there such a controller that can be controlled by flash and does flash can create such a software ???

      please support me with info

      Best Regards
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          Your better off finding a programmer in C++, C++ could easly do it.
          With flash iam sure you can do something like that but you will need something to processing the requests, so you might have to have some sort of serverside iam not sure. but your best bet for such a project is C++, Perl thats my opinion.
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            luai_haddad Level 1
            if there is a controller that can be modified as a keyboard .. the question can i control the output that will light the small lights in the map either with same controller or using other one??