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    Can't delete folders under MY FOLDERS in Organizer-


      Am running Windows 8.1 and Elements 12.1.


      I tried the solution which I found in this forum about deleting or renaming the psa.prf file (Organizer folder cannot be deleted).  I have the same situation as this person with 2 folders. These folders don't exist on my computer. I didn't delete the folders in Elements but put them into the recycle bin. I've uninstalled Elements numerous times and reinstalled it but 2 folders always appear in the Organizer.


      Apparently Elements can't deal with their loss.  I created new folders and named them the same along with the same contents but I still cant delete them. (Although the type appears in black now).  I get an error message that the folders cannot be deleted.


      I don't have a file named psa.prf on my HD. I only have a file named psa.  I tried deleting and renaming it. No luck. There was another preference file in Organizer folder called APDPeferences.  I deleted that but no luck


      I tried resetting the default preferences in the Organizer...but those two folders are still there.