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    Layer Naming in Adobe Draw

    Vonster Level 1

      Why can't you tap and hold to rename a layer in Adobe Draw? Why have names on layers at all if all the layers are the same name?


      You know people want layers, you support them when you use "Send to Illustrator" but you don't give the user the ability to rename the layers? They all have the same "Draw Layer" name for what reason? This is absurd behavior.


      One one hand you allow a user to organize and compose with layers but won't let them change a title to define the layer to make the organization flawless. This is a gap in logic. Sloppy dev IMO.


      Then again maybe you can rename the layer but you've hidden the ability so much it's not intuitive enough to figure out?


      But like most questions in this forum it'll go unanswered I'm sure.


      The whole point of a forum is to find answers, what I tend to discover every time I come her is just lame excuses and vague promises.


      And why is development on this app so slow? You should have had this function and many more missing features added back in already. This tells me that Adobe is either going to axe this app like they did Adobe Ideas or the staff resources have their attention divided. Either way functionality and support is at best half-backed. But I digress.

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          Frank Stokes-Guinan Adobe Employee

          The "Draw Layer" text is intended to distinguish between layers you can draw in and layers that have photos. Currently, there is only ever one Photo Layer in Draw. There is also currently no support for naming your individual layers. Such functionality has been requested before, but it has yet to make it on our priority list. Thank you for the feedback and the feature request. I'm sorry I can't say if or when it will make it into the product, but there are a number of other enhancement we have in the pipeline.


          Hope that helps,


          Draw Engineering

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            This is by a long margin my most desired feature for Adobe Illustrator Draw. It seems so basic. Here's the other threads I've seen that include the same request:


            Feature request - Rename layers

            Feature Request: Rename Layers

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              Jbrom03 Level 1

              Yikes! I came here looking to find out if this is a hidden gesture and I see it's not even on your priority list. It seems like a basic enough addition. Not to mention the popularity of the addition. Maybe there are just too many Adobe apps and therefore they are all suffering. As a creative cloud member and someone who has been using Photoshop and Illustrator for 15+ years I still find it hard to follow all these iOS apps and what they do. I'd way rather see a reasonably well designed Illustrator iOS app and Photoshop iOS app that work well with the desktop version and include enough features to make drawing on the iPad fun. It seems like an obvious enough route.

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                Vonster Level 1

                They simply don't use the app themselves thus they only care about new features not improving existing or adding lacking features.


                At best they move at a glacial pace and under deliver. The fact Adobe Ideas is better than Adobe Draw saws it all.


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                  Jbrom03 Level 1

                  Yeah I only just got a decent stylus so I didn't try Adobe Ideas. If you're the Vonster I think you are it always amazes me you come down on Adobe so hard when they hire you for work! Aren't you scared they won't send you more projects? But it's nice you have the voice to complain and they seem to listen a little anyway! Haha.

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                    Vonster Level 1

                    If they don't listen to me they won't listen to anyone.


                    Frankly the fact it's been over a year since they have said they would add layering naming and haven't along with all the other half-baked functionality in Adobe Draw. I guess I'm the only one who cares enough to call them on it. They don't seem to care about the end user. Their initial video showing this app on YouTube has them stating they didn't change anything with the UI from Adobe Ideas which is a flat out lie. They changed a lot and removed a lot like emailing a PDF etc.

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                      KoMaruyama Adobe Community Professional

                      Naming Layers is near the top of my wishlist for this app, but second to 'export as vector'

                      Feature Request: Save to CreativeCloud as vector format (svg / ai / draw)


                      For several years I used the feature request form to send wish lists to the After Effects team, and I was pleasantly surprised to see that the AE team follows the incoming submissions closely.  They have a compiled JDI list for some of the most common requests.


                      Feature Request/Bug Report Form 


                      unfortunately, the mobile apps don't share a similar feedback form (They aren't on the form's list of apps)

                      I thought I had seen a button to create a "poll" thread here, but it might not show up on mobile.  I don't know how the Draw team tallies votes on features that need attention, but maybe these threads help?


                      ps. No naming in Ideas either. Still have the app tho.

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                        Jbrom03 Level 1

                        I agree with you. You've actually worked with them, so if they don't listen to you, then I'm not sure they'll listen at all.


                        My biggest concern is that Adobe is focusing on quantity over quality with their iOS apps. I'm going to be getting the iPad Pro, but based on these, I don't think adobe will be my go to apps for drawing or design on it. Not unless they enhance these apps by a long shot.


                        At best, I'm forced to use AstroPad to use Adobe through the iPad.


                        I just counted for fun, 29 Mobile Apps!!!! That's ridiculous. Make 10 solid apps!


                        Here's the list:


                        http://www.adobe.com/ca/products/catalog/mobile._sl_id-contentfilter_sl_catalog_sl_mobiled evices.html?start=10