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    Need help changing size and aspect ratio for 500+ images


      Thank you for reading this! I have about 500 images of people in different poses. They're all extracted on a transparency as PNGs. They vary in aspect ratio, dimensions and position of the person within the frame - for some the feet are very close to the bottom of the frame and for some, they're higher up. I need to equalize all 3 of these qualities, so that if superimposed, they look like a video unfolding with the same zoom. My ideal size would be 800x800 at 300ppi.

      Is there a way to batch even a part of the process and keep the png format? I had the images in PSD initially but they were too massive so creating catalogs with them was prohibitive.
      If not possible to do a batch, what would be the best (easiest) and fastest way to do it? I'm thinking that maybe creating some template where an oval shape the size of the head can help create consistency of the size of the person and a line that helps set up the distance from the bottom?


      I so appreciate any help you have to offer. Part of my problem is that I don't know what these processes are called so I don't even know what to search for. If you can even name the actions that I need, it would be of great help. I already paid a designer to do the extraction and they were supposed to do this formatting as well and they didn't so my budget is shot. I'm hoping that if I understand what the steps are, I can do them myself.


      Thank you!