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    Display a duplicate of certain form fields

    jay fresno Level 2

      I have a form with several pages of questions. Each question has an item number and a letter assigned to it. In answer to each question, the user can either select "Satisfactory" or "Action Required".

      On the last page of the form, I would like to have a list of all the item numbers for questions that have been marked "Action Required". (The questions marked "Satisfactory" should not be included in the list on the last page.)

      Is it possible to do this using AcroForms created in Acrobat XI Pro? If so, any tips that would help me to implement this?

      Below is a short example. (cross posting in Acrobat Forms forum) Thanks in advance.



      Item Number   Satisfactory   Action Required

      1a) Hats                                 Action Required

      1b) Shoes         Satisfactory


      2a) Tools           Satisfactory

      2b) Pipes                               Action Required


      On the last page

      Item Number