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    Getting started with Pro UI customizations

    TerjeAB Level 1



      I have to integrate with a home-grown content management system where there is now a requirement for people to be able to edit PDF files. Previously that has not been allowed.


      So, what I need is the ability to customize the Acrobat interface with a button or a menu to save the current active document in Acrobat XI Pro to the document management system over an http-based interface. This button is obviously an application extension, not a pdf document extension since it must be available for all pdf documents. After having created and tested this functionality I need to deploy it to my organization.


      My problem now is that I have no clue where to start. In my opinion the documentation is obfuscated in the extreme. There is no "Customizing the UI" with steps like 1/ Select this option, 2/ Add your Javascript, 3/ Save to file in the following directory... Honestly, I find the documentation next to useless.


      If anyone can recommend a tutorial or a good book on this I would be extremely thankful.