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    Text variables (meta data) "overlaps" in ToC


      I'm trying to create a list of figures with the ToC function how it is officially described by Adobe (Numbered Lists — Part III Figure Captions).

      Now I have multiple metadata entries in each caption via text variables in the same paragraph (in order for the ToC to recognize all of that text).


      The problem is when creating a ToC the caption text (which is generated by the text variables) is "overlapping"/mixing and thus useless.


      For example:


      caption: "Fig.1 - <metadata description> <metadata source>" is shown correctly as: "Fig1. - description (c)source"


      When creating a ToC following happens inside the generated ToC:


      "Fig.1 - d(c)sourceon" instead of "Fig1. - description (c)source".


      As you can see the variables text is "overlapped" and mixed into each other


      The only solution I have found so far is converting the text variables to static text (and thus losing the dynamic update functionality of text variables).