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    My Flash Cs6 File is corrupted and Winrar method wont work?

    sarak57981729 Level 1


      ive been using flash CS6 for a very long time now and ive never had a problem with it up till now ive been working on a animation for 6 months now and last night when i was gonna take a doodle i rushed closed the file (force quitting out of flash with out reliezing my project was still up) but went back quickly to check on it i got this:


      Failed to open document./Users/sarak/desktop/ThecloudArtist/the cloud artist part 1.fla.

      (and at some point i some how got this:

      At line 1 of file "/Users/sarakrebs/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Flash CS6/en_US/Configuration/Javascript/ObjectFindAndSelect.jsfl":

      Cannot find file /Users/sarakrebs/Desktop/The Cloud Artist/The cloud artist part 1.fla. )



      my back up file wasent updated befor this happen and i wouldnt make it intime for the up comming deadline on the Feb 28th even if i tried.

      Now ive tried to Winrar method (Im on a mac but i copyied the orignal file onto a flash drive and switched over too my pc too attempt too fix this on winrar). but my winrar refuses to repair the file, claiming it's missing a Recovery Record.

      what do i do?

      This project is very importent too me please help