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    menu button inside menu, can you do it?

    redsox05 Level 1
      I am trying to create a dropdown menu when you rollover a menu more menus appear underneath. I have my top menu with this code. The menu is a mc symbol. The "on" and "off" activate the other menu fade in.
      Now here is where I'm having problems. I cannot get the menus inside the movieclip (which are also mc's)to work. I want them on rollover to change color and on click go to a url. I 've tried giving them an instance name, a function, _root., nothing. Can this be done?
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          Sketchsta Level 1
          yes. If you make your sub-menu a movieClip, and your buttons inside it, you should have no problems.

          gotoAndStop("on"); //"on" should be a 1 keyframe movieClip
          the "on" timeline should have the animation of the sub-menu opening, and a stop() action after the sub-buttons load.
          then I would make each sub-button a 1 keyframe movieClip, (but you dont have to) and assign all the functions of the button to it's own timeline.

          hope this helps!