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    I need help with a workflow question using Lightroom Mobile


      I have been using LR Mobile on Ipad for several months now and I absolutely love it.  I have several collections set up and syncing fine. LR Mobile and IPad has given me edit time that I previously did not take the time to find.  So I want to go back into an older catalog and use smart filtering to find dngs that I had not edited yet. But I don't want to have to sync back up with this old catalog, since I am still shooting and working in the new one from day to day.


      So here is what I want to do:

      1. Go into old catalog, find all the photos that need editing

      2. Export them to a catalog, just the thumbnails and smart previews. Call that NEEDSHELP

      3. Go into current catalog and import NEEDSHELP into current catalog. Sync that collection with LR mobile and, over time, work on edits.

      4. When I am all done I want to export the NEEDSHELP files back into their original catalog and I will no longer need them in current catalog.


      So I guess it's as much a novice question re working with various catalogs as a LR Mobile question. Here they are -

      On step 2, not exporting the negatives will keep the pictures where they are, correct? but exporting everything else will give me what I need to still do LR Mobile edits when Imported into current catalog and worked on in LR Mobile?

      Once I am done with LR Mobile and Lightroom adjustments,  export these adjustments back to the old catalog, it will apply all the adjustments to the pictures already there? 


      This would mean not having to export as much and still keeping sync set up in current catalog rather than having to switch sync catalogs if I go back and forth. Does it sound like it would work fine??