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    Are LR Mobile photos encrypted when stored in the cloud?

    Kent Akgungor

      I am new to Lightroom and have been exploring the mobile app for iOS devices, but before I start syncing a lot of personal photos I am curious how they are stored in Adobe's cloud.  Can anyone point me to a definitive policy that states whether photos are stored in an encrypted state on Adobe's servers?  I've seen mention of encryption for user authentication and while files are in transit, but how are they actually stored on Amazon Web Services?  Assuming someone compromises Adobe's or Amazon's systems, it would be reassuring to know that individual files are encrypted for an added layer of protection.

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          ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          The photos may or may not be encrypted on the server-storage, but that doesn’t matter, because the server does need to decrypt them to send to the image data to a browser if you go to lightroom.adobe.com so all the information necessary to decrypt them is on the server, and a good hacker could decrypt things if the server was compromised. 


          I mean it’s not like your browser is being set still-encrypted photo information direct from the server storage and the browser is decrypting it after you enter a private key on your side.   In other words, I would assume someone on the server side could see the decrypted photos if something out-of-the-ordinary happened, or if law-enforcement got permission, so depending on the personal nature of the photos you may not want to host them, there.


          This same situation would happen for any service where photos are available for viewing in a browser from a website.