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    "Reset Settings" automatically being applied to modified photos


      Hello Everyone...

      I am encountering an issue with my LR 5.7 library and I am not sure why this is occurring.


      When I am in library view, my changes seem to be getting automatically reset - even for pics I have not selected. What I mean is that any changes (cropped, filters applied, etc are gone) I have made are being reset for what appears to be an unknown reason. When I am viewing my pics in the library, I literally see the multiple photos get reset without having them selected.

      When I view the history, I can see a "Reset Settings" action but this was never selected by me.

      Screen Shot 2015-02-22 at 3.23.44 PM.jpg


      I have recovered an older catalog and this seems to be occurring there as well. Also performed an integrity check of the catalog and that came back clean.


      I am hoping someone can provide some insight as to why my photos / alterations are automatically being reset.



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          Did you find any help on that?

          I have the same problem.

          When I open a set of photos, I see them reset to original import under my eyes.

          One of them had been developed BW and in a second return back to the original colors.

          I have searched a lot of previous catalogs with no success: the same reset settings applies.

          Worst than your case, there is even no history below the reset settings, only the old original import.

          Capture Reset Setting.JPG

          I managed to capture the BW a second before it changed.

          Capture BW.JPG

          I'm quite desperate!