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    Need help in setting up system to store photo downloads and Lightroom and Photoshop processed photos.


      I have desktop and laptop PC's with backup drive attached to desktop.  Also have wireless wi-fi.  Laptop has very little capacity for storing photos.  Also use Microsoft OneDrive on both computers and have photo library stored there presently.  I am not a computer whiz and want to get started with a process I can stick to.


      It is unclear to me what happens to a photo loaded into Lightroom from a camera or existing saved photos after processing (is it saved, where?).  Do you end up having an entirely new dB of saved, processed, photos?  When you decide to further process a photo in Photoshop, where is it saved?  It seems confusing to me - am I missing something really simple?  Also seems like storage of these files will chew up a lot of space.  Seems like a flowchart would be a nice way to illustrate solutions.


      Any help is greatly appreciated.