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    Intercepting Keystroke quit on a Mac

      I'm running Director MX 2004 and have tried a number of ways to intercept 'Ctrl + Q' or 'Cmd + Q' in order to run through some housekeeping scripts before the program quits. In all cases these have worked on on a PC but not on a Mac.

      In the StartMovie script I set the exitLock to true and because there are other keys I need to trap, I also set the keydownscript to 'UserType". In my UserType handler I've tried: if the key = "q" and the CommandDown = true then ExitSequence. The ExitSequence handler runs through the housekeeping scripts and then quits. This works perfectly on a PC.

      I've also tried: if ((_key.commandDown) and (_key.key = "q")) then ExitSequence, which also works perfectly on a PC, but on a Mac neither script works. It seems that on a Mac the ExitLock command is so overriding that it blocks both keying and scripting attempts to work with the command + Q combination. Is this a bug that anyone has found a way around?