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    Serious bug in Lightroom printing


      I was wanting to spread a panorama print over two pages, and because the printer does a larger margin on the bottom of the page, I needed to flip the image to have its join (halfway) on the top of each printed page (bear with me!). So, to do this, I flipped the image along vertical and horizontal axis, and dragged it so that on one printed page it would print the left side of the image, and on the other printed page, it would print the right side of the image. The "left" side is the flipped image. I have the "zoom to fill" option selected (as I want it to fill the available vertical height), "rotate to fit" off, as I don't want it rotated or fitted.


      So, in the Print view, I have a resulting display that is showing me a flipped version of my panorama, with just a half of it visible, and a non-flipped version (the original) with its half displaying in the area LR defines as the printable crop on each page. I've repositioned the photo so that I see which parts I need to print on each page.


      When you go to print the flipped image, despite it showing correctly on the screen, it doesn't print what I see on the screen, but rather it prints the other end of the image that is cropped off the display'd print area!


      I tried making a "real" (not virtual) copy, same problem.


      I tried printing to a PDF and also having LR directly print to a JPEG, and had the same result.


      I ended up having to take the image into photoshop and save a copy of the pano, crop it to the half of the image I wanted to print, and bring that back into LR and print it - I had still flipped it in LR to print it, but as I'm printing "the whole image" now, it printed fine.


      So, there is something really broken in the LR printing, I don't know if it is the display crop of LR that is not being applied when you print in ANY situation, or if the display crop of the printed area is not being applied properly only when an image is flipped horizontally.





      ps: I can' provide screen shots if the description is too convoluted!