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    InDesign CC welcome window won't go away and Download Assistant won't let me log in

    it@caotti.net Level 1

      When my start-up screen wouldn't close and let me work on my document, I checked these forums to find a solution.


      Someone else had a similar problem, and he said he was able to make it go away by quitting the Creative Cloud app and signing in again.


      Well, when I double click my Creative Cloud app, nothing happens that I can see, so I tried the Download Assistant.


      The Download Assistant always tells me an update is available, but when I click to update, it always fails. I imagine that's because I'm still using Mac OS X 10.7.3


      So this time, I just ignored the update message, but when I tried to sign in, I got the following message: Unable to invoke CFC - The method login was not found in component tdrc.tdrcfacade.


      Does anyone know how to get around all this?